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Suspense Payments with Payment Terminal

Payment Terminal – Semi-Integrated

Changes to invoicing related to Suspense Payment Type

  • Cash Sale transaction defaults to payment method of Suspense
    • Require a new Card Type of “S” to indicate proper GL Account
  • Accept of cash transaction goes directly to payment screen without asking payment method
  • Actions in the payment screen
    • Accept will send invoice information to Payment terminal
    • F3 allows change of the amount to go on a card or paid by cash
    • F11 will void the transaction
      • If no monies have been received both the invoice and credit will be posted to the Suspense Account
    • $ will pay the remaining amount of the transaction by cash
  • Charge Account cannot change the method of payment to card or cash
    • Must change the Customer to the Cash Account
    • This change offers the option to recalculate pricing
      • The default is a parameterized value that can be set for Y or N
    • Customer setup as COD and/or “$” defaults to S as method of payment
      • These are treated the same as the Cash Account and will be pushed directly to the payment screen when the invoice is accepted
    • Require a GL Account to use for the Suspense payment method
    • The Invoice Register can be used to find any transactions posted with the “S” payment code
      • Used to determine errors.
    • All cash transactions are reported on the invoice register with the card type used by the customer. This is not entered by the sales clerk.