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Product Maintenance Screen Enhancements


Enhancements made to the product maintenance screen.

  • Class and Subclass – can be used for special pricing and reporting
  • Corporate and Branch ranking – informational display of the part ranking for the “Turns Based Purchasing”
  • Fields moved to provide additional screen space
    • On Order/Committed
    • Customer b/o / Supplier b/o
    • Defective On-hand/Cores Out
    • On RGM/Lost Sales
  • EOQ Corp/Dir – Tran – Economic Order Quantity calculated based on the part ranking for use with the “Turns Based Purchasing”
  • Auto Lck – used with the “Turns Based Purchasing” to set the number weeks to lock EOQ and ROP typically for new parts.
  • ROP Vendor/Transfer – ROP [Replenish Order Point] alternate term for Minimum. ROP Vendor is the value used for the minimum on hand when ordering from the supplier and ROP transfer would be the branch minimum when replenishment is done from the DC branch. Both are calculated values when using the “Turns Based Purchasing”
  • Last Price Update – date of the last price file updated
  • Ret Allowed – information field to indicated if the part can be returned to the supplier
  • Currency – information field to show the currency code of the supplier
  • B Cost/Core – base cost and core cost typically used for products sourced outside the country in foreign currency. Supplier purchase orders will show the Base Price and the exchange, duty and freight costs will be added at the time of receipt in the calculation of average cost. Further details on Base Price are found in the Foreign Currency document.
  • Duty – duty percentage for product being imported