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Multiple Invoice Copies


Multiple invoice copies can be printed at the time of sale or as a batch during the Accounts Receivable month end


Customer Maintenance

If multiple copies are to be printed at the time of sale then the customer must have an “Account Control Flag” of “m” and the “ME Invoice Copies” field needs the number of invoice copies that are to be printed, use 2 if you require 1 extra copy for the customer.

Where you have the customer setup to receive automatic emails this feature can now be used to suppress the printing of invoices by leaving the “ME Invoice Copies” as 0. Also the Billing Parameter “Duplicate On Multiple Inv” must be set to “N” to print 0 copies

The printing of DUPLICATE on the additional invoice copies is controlled by the billing parameters, screen 1 “DUPLICATE on Multiple Inv”.

To print invoice copies as a batch during the month end the ME Invoice Copies field needs a number. Only 1 copy of each invoice for the customer will be printed as part of the month end. Changing this field during the month will result in the invoices after the change getting printed during the month end.

Where customers are set to print extra copies this can be turned off for different document types using Utilities > System Setup > Sales Desk > Printer Profiles.

If the Extra Copies field is set to “N” the extra copies set for the customer is ignored.