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Zero Category On-Hands

In Some cases, it becomes necessary to zero out the entire inventory within a category. The recommended way to do this so that you have a proper paper trail is to do a 'zero' physical inventory count. You can accomplish this by following these steps.

  1. Navigate to 6. Inventory > 6. Physical Inventory > 1. Parameters Maintenance

  2. Adjust field 2 Print On Hand (Y/N) to N. With this set to N, when you print an inventory count sheet, it will print a zero as the onhand in the inventory count file.
  3. Navigate to 6. Inventory > 6. Physical Inventory > 2. Count File Creates > 5. Multi-Cat. Count Worksheets
  4. Enter in the category you wish to zero on hands for

  5. Pres F1 to accept the category and F1 again when asked Any change? to create the count files
  6. When the print preview shows up, you can close the window without printing the count sheets
  7. Navigate to 6. Inventory > 6. Physical Inventory > 5. Count Update
  8. You will be presented with 2 different questions to confirm that you wish to update. Please answer them accordingly to proceed:
    Press RETURN to continue Y: Press the Enter key
    - Are you sure?: Press Y
  9. You will now see a screen with any outstanding count files. Press Enter to go into the list. 
  10. PresN next to ALL categories you do not wish to update

    This is VERY important. Updating old count files can severely throw out your counts on categories

  11. Ensure that the category you DO wish to update has a Y next to it.
  12. Press F1 to accept the changes to the list and F1 again to start processing the update.
  13. You will now be presented with a listing of all items whose onhand was zeroed out. This gives you a proper paper trail for inventory adjustment and financial purposes