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Detailed Invoice Search

Basic Usage Notes

  • The updated Detailed Invoice Search is a web based search routines that allows users to quickly access invoices and invoice history via a wide range of channels.
  • Updated Detailed Invoice Search is available via the Invoicing screen and the main menu system, and now will launch in a separate browser, providing a larger window in which to view information.

Launching the D.I.S. via Invoicing

  • When in the invoicing screen, the top right hand button along the bottom button panel will now show a D.I.S. icon

  • A left click on this icon at any time during the invoicing process will pop up a browser window with the summary invoice detail for all
  • A right click on this icon at any point after entering the line body of the invoice screen will pop up a browser window with the summary invoice detail for the selected

Launching the D.I.S. via the Menu system.

  • In the COUNTERPOINT menu system, clicking the


    icons (depending on your version of COUNTERPOINT) will pop up a new browser window with the summary invoice detail for all customers









Using the D.I.S.

  • The summary invoice detail view looks like this:
  • Once in the summary invoice detail screen, clicking on any of the top row headings will sort the respective columns, while typing into the text boxes in the second row of the heading will filter the respective column based on what you type.
  • Each page is limited to 25 listings, clicking on the page links in the bottom right will navigate you through the pages.
  • Clicking on the

    button in the top right of the screen will switch you into the Detailed Invoice view, which looks like this:
  • The screen is identifiable by the increased number of columns by which you can filter.
  • Within the detail screen, you are able to sort and filter much the same as the summary screen. You will also note the page navigation in the bottom right.
  • All highlighted invoices are active links that will take you to a .pdf version of the selected invoice.