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Process EDI Invoices


When EDI Invoices are received from the vendors that invoices will be processed and added to the new EDI Transaction List available for selection and processing.


Vendor Maintenance

Vendor Maintenance has need modified to allow entry of the Vendor EDI ID and the Vendor Currency. The EDI ID is provided by the Vendor/Supplier when setting up for EDI.

Note: only EDI invoices received from Vendors with a matching EDI ID to what is setup on the Vendor will be processed. This setup is separate to the setup of the Suppliers for placing purchase orders as there can be many Suppliers for a single Vendor.

EDI Transaction Selection

New menu option Accounts Payable à Transaction Processing à Select EDI Inv. To Process.

This option will list all of the received EDI invoices not yet processed or show a summary of invoices received for a selected vendor or all vendors.

Using the tab or clicking the magnifying glass in the first screen will launch the Vendor Search

Using F3 will display the Vendor Summary screen where a summary of the number of invoices and total value is displayed by Vendor.

Once again, the Vendor Search is available using the TAB key or clicking on the magnifying glass.

Pressing the Enter key in the Vendor field will display a summary for all vendors.

Exit will exit back to the Vendor Invoices screen, Quit will allow the selection of a new Vendor, entering a line number will select that Vendor and display the invoice details on the Vendor Invoice screen.

In the Vendor Invoice screen all available invoices for the Vendor will be displayed and you will be prompted whether the invoice should be selected to add to a transaction batch. The Select Options are Y to have the invoice added to a transaction batch for posting, N or blank to not select and leave the invoice available for future selection or D to Delete the invoice from the selection screen. The delete option would be used if the invoice was processed manually or received in error.

Using Accept after the invoices have been selected will prompt “create transaction batch  N”, changing the response to Y will append to the users A/P Transaction batch.

If invoices are being deleted a prompt will be displayed “delete flagged invoices ? N” changing the response to will delete the invoices so they will no longer appear on the selection screen

The transaction batch created will use the following information:

  • EDI document Invoice Number to Invoice Number
  • EDI document Invoice Date to Invoice Date
  • Edi document PO Number to Reference Number
  • Payment and Discount Days are from the Counterpoint Vendor Setup and the day of the following month.
  • Financial is the current Counterpoint financial period.
  • EDI document Invoice Amount to Invoice Amount.
  • EDI document tax value to Federal Tax Amount.
  • Distribution to the Vendor Default GL Account

Any required adjustments can be made through the regular Transaction Input option and the edit list is available prior to update for review.

The update of these transactions would be done through the normal Transaction Update option.