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  • One of the most fundamental ideas within the inventory module of COUNTERPOINT is the idea of an inventory vs. pricebook item. In the system, there are two databases of items. The inventory items, which are accessible via the inventory master maintenance, and the pricebook items which are unavailable via inventory maintenance, but can be priced and sold from the invoice screen. An Inventory item has been added to inventory via the product maintenance screen and contains detailed information about the part, defining its category, pricing, purchasing vendor, etc. A pricebook item exists in a secondary database in which we only know the vendor, the item description and a single price. Pricebook items are most likely b rand new numbers, or uncommon special order items. These Pricebook items can be migrated to Inventory items at any time, and this allows us to properly price and describe an item when migrating it to inventory.


  • The second concept would be a stocked vs. non-stocked item. These items would be classified as inventory items that have been set to reorder, vs. inventory items that you do not reorder. We will discuss how this classification is set further in the document where we cover the many fields contained in the Inventory item database.