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Product Popularity Listing

As a normal part of working with your inventory there will be times when you need to understand the contribution to sales being made by the items within a line. Counterpoint provides a report specifically for this purpose. The report is accessed via the following menu path.

  1. Inventory…-> 7. Reporting…-> 2. Performance Reports…-> 2. Product Popularity

Which brings up the following screen.


Enter data into fields as follows.

1 Based on – Click the drop down box arrow to see available options. Enter your choice as appropriate to your needs. Click the close button to close the popup.

2 Report By – Enter Enter % or Q as appropriate to your need.

3 Report On  – Enter the number of parts you wish to see analyzed or hit [Enter] to see all parts in the line.

4 Price Level -  Enter the Price level to be used in for reporting purposes.

5 Use Branches? – Enter Y if you wish to include branch sales in the computations on ranking. Enter N to compute based on your store only.

6 Inventory Quantities? – Enter Y to have report include On hand balances. Enter N to suppress printing of on Hands..

Fields 7 thru 65 – Enter categories you would like included in the printout

When you have entered all desired fields hit [F1] to run the program.


Report can be displayed on screen or printed out as appropriate to your intended usage.