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Uploading Min/Max/Reorder

This document will outline the steps required to extract an inventory list, manipluate the Min/Max/Reorder in excel and then upload the values back in to COUNTERPOINT.

  1. Navigate through the menu to 6. Inventory > 1. Data Maintenance > 5. Utilities > 6. Inventory Item Extract

  2. Select your starting and ending categories
  3. A .csv file named pmdelim.csv will be placed on your Z: drive in html > b1
  4. Either use windows explorer to browse to the file, or open excel and open the file via excel
    The file layout is as follows
    Cagegory Part Description Branch Reorder Rank On Hand On Order Min Max Shelf Cost Purchase Qty SALES (13 columns)
  5. Edit the Reorder/Min/Max Quantities in the excel spreadsheet as needed

    DO NOT reorder the columns in the file. The upload works with a specific layout and this can cause serious issues with your inventory

  6. Save the file back to the Z drive under html > b1. Save the file as a "Comma Delimied (.csv)" file named pmload.csv

    A reminder that the file contains all branches. Remember to remove any branches you do not want to update before you save the file

  7. To upload the infomation back in to COUNTERPOINT, navigate to 6. Inventory > 1. Data Maintenance > 5. Utilities > 7. Min/Max/Reorder Upload

    The menu option starts the upload right away and there is no screen interaction.