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Suspense Payment Enhancements


Modifications have been made to remove any invoices with a payment type of Suspense prior to the end of day being completed so they do not impact the General Ledger because they have not impacted Inventory when they were created. Also, to prevent an attempt to process a card payment on a PC without a card terminal the payment screen has been modified to test for the presence of an active card terminal.


Payment Screen

When processing a cash sale, the payment screen will now test for a card terminal being properly connected when first entering the screen. If the card terminal is not properly connected or if the PC does not have a card terminal you will see a message “please wait testing terminal”

If the card terminal is not active or if the work station does not have a card terminal the payment screen will show a message “No Card Terminal, Only Cash Payment Types, Press ENTER to test for Terminal Again”

If there is no card terminal then the only options allowed for payment are $ - Cash , C – Cheque or E – E-Transfer. If the card terminal issue has been corrected pressing Enter will test for the terminal again and if found will allow a card transaction.

End of Day

A new report has been added to the end of day processing which will list any invoices created that day with a payment type of Suspense. This report will be run separately for each location

Also, a new process has been added before the End of Day updates which will:

  • Check to see if a payment was received for the invoice
    • If a payment was received update the payment information on the invoice to the correct payment method and amount received.
    • Update the inventory and Cardex for the parts on the invoice as this was not done when the invoice was originally created.
  • If no payment has been made on the invoice, remove the invoice from the invoice file and add it to a new database of Suspense Invoices.

Once this process is complete the normal End of Day updates will run and there will be no invoices with a payment type of Suspense included.