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Customer History Part Search for Unknown Number

Occasionally you will get a customer asking for the same part as they ordered last Week/Month/Year etc. (Pick one). To compound the problem that will typically not know the part number. If they know the time frame of the purchase use the following procedure to locate the part number they ordered.


  • From the Customer number field in the Invoicing screen hit Shift/[F1] which will launch the Invoice History Inquiry Program.
  • Cursor will initially be in the Invoice number field, since we do not have that information hit [F3] twice to move the cursor to the Customer number field.
  • Enter the Customer number of the customer making the request.
  • Cursor will move to the bottom of the screen and request that you “Enter Start Date:” in the format YYYY/MM/DD. Enter the earliest date that you believe the sale would have been made. Optionally, if it is known, you can enter a PO number as well. If PO number is unknown hit enter.
  • The screen will display the first invoice completed on or after the start date you entered.
  • If that is not the correct invoice hit [F2] (Cancel) followed by [F7] (Next) to display the next invoice.
  • Repeat the F2-F7 sequence until the correct invoice is located or you are ready to give up the hunt.
  • Hit [F2] to cancel and return to the invoice screen.