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RF Count 'Cheat Sheet'

Getting Started

  • Select Option 9 from the RF menu.
  • The RF count routine requires a PIN before starting the program. This is the same as used for physical adjustments, etc. If you cannot remember your code please call AMS support.
  • The count scan begins by asking whether you wish to use Autoscan or Not. After you choose Y or N the cursor will move to the Bar Code field.

Scanning Product

These are the options from the Bar Code field

    • Start scanning product. If you are in AUTOSCAN mode pressing the ENTER key will perform the same as a second or subsequent scan.(Add 1 to the Qty)
    • CTL/r to change the Autoscan setting. A second CTL/r will leave the program
    • CTL/t to view the last item scanned by the User ID (RF0 through RF5)
    • CTL/c to enter a part number that cannot be scanned
    • TAB to manually enter the QTY when in Autoscan mode


      • Record in Use - (Another user scanning same Part Number)
      • Over Variance – Y=Update Inventory as Counted, N=DO NOT Update (CAUTION: No is the Default if only Enter is pressed)
      • Scan Failed – To continue Input Y and Press Enter.

Variance Report

To view or print how any user is progressing select the following menu path from any workstation;

6. Inventory / 6. RF Count Reporting / 6. Update RF Count Detail / 1. Update RF Count Detail

  • Enter your PIN
  • Enter the Login ID you wish to report on. Pressing Enter will select ALL.
  • Press Enter at the Update option to Not update the permanent count history data.
    select the type of report you want; A=All items scanned OR V=Variances only.
  • The Report will display on the screen.

Update Count History

Select the same program as for Variance reporting

  • Select ALL user ID’s by pressing Enter
  • Input U and press Enter
  • Select the type of report you want; A=All items scanned OR V=Variances only.
  • Accept the options selected at the “Any change?” prompt.