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Change PO Number


Pick Ticket/Z Slip

The process for changing the Z Pick Ticket PO number:

  • When closing the Pick Ticket in the SF2 screen from Invoicing will have a new field for the New Po Number

  • If you enter a different PO number you will receive the question to “really change [original PO number]? You will need to answer the question with Y or N, the default being Y
  • You will then be prompted “really invoice [original PO number]?
  • The PO number will be changed on all associated pick tickets


To change the Customer Purchaser Order number on an invoice

  • In the invoice screen recall the invoice using F3 then keying in the invoice number
  • Select the Change option using “C”
  • Press Enter through Payment Method, Invoice Discount, Freight
  • Make Necessary changes to the PO Number and press enter
  • Press Accept (F1) to complete the change.
  • A Modified reprint appear if the parameters are configured to print Modified Invoices