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Physical Count - Add Bin Location


The Physical Count Input routine has been updated to include the option to Add a Bin Location during the count. This will add the bin location to the part immediately and the quantity will be updated when the count update is completed.


Changes to the count input screen are the new option to A(dd loc).

Using this option will prompt first for the Category and Part Number

Cat/Part .../...................

The next prompt will be for Bin Location

bin location/......

Next will be the Quantity


last will be the Bin Type, blank or R for retail


When the bin has been added the input screen will show with the added part on line 1. If the part was not assigned a Primary bin location previously the new bin added will be considered the Primary Bin location and with should in the product maintenance and inquiry screens.

The new bin location quantity will be updated when the count update is complete and the quantity added to a new bin location will be considered a count variance as it is assumed the product will have a negative variance in another bin location.