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Stock Transfer Reconciliation

Basic Overview

This document outlines the recent discrepancy report and the new listing report that will print at your branch each night and how they relate to the reconciliation of inter-branch stock transfers, and the effort to try and catch on hand problems.

Packing Slip Confirmation Report

This report will print each night at each location, and is a listing of any unconfirmed Packing Slips & Stock Transfers sent from your location as of that night. Stock transfers will be identifiable by the customer they are assigned to with all stock transfers will be assigned to another branch.

Any stock transfers listed on this report are unconfirmed. If the stock transfer is over 24 hours old, it may be outstanding and should be reviewed with the contact at the receiving branch to ensure that the product was properly received. Any issues of product not being received, or quantities less than requested should be dealt with via the stock transfer confirmation so that the discrepancies can be properly recorded and presented back to the sending branch.

Stock Transfer Discrepancy Report

This report will also print each night at each location, and is a listing of any stock transfers that were confirmed by the receiving branch, but with discrepancies.

These discrepancies will need to be reviewed to ensure inventory levels are correct. If a stock transfer was requested, but the requested quantity was unavailable from your branch, this report will act as a trigger to go and review the on hand levels for that item. In the case where the system shows an on hand that is different than what is physically on the shelf, a stock adjustment should be made to correct the error.

If you know of an error that is not reported on the discrepancy report, you should review the Packing Slip Confirmation report to ensure that the transfer was, in fact, confirmed by the receiving branch.