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AP Month End

The Accounts Payable Month End does not have to be run on the last day of the month.  You may hold the period open, delaying the process until all vendor invoices have been posted for the previous month. 

Transaction Purge

  1. ACCOUNTS PAYABLE…à8. month end processing…à1.transaction purge

Purge any transactions that may be on file.  Only those invoices with payments or credit/debit memos in full will be removed.  This is the same process that is run from the 2. Accounts payable à 6. automatic cheque processing menu and may be skipped here if completed as part of each cheque run.

Set Month End Date

  1. ACCOUNTS PAYABLE…à8. month end processing…à2.set month end date

Enter the date to be used in ageing the remaining outstanding invoices.  This is most often the last day of the month being closed.  Once the month is closed, returned here and set the date to the end of the new current month.

Aged Detail Trial Balance

  1. ACCOUNTS PAYABLE…à8. month end processing…à3.AGED DETAIL TRIAL BALANCE

This report will print the details of each outstanding vendor invoice.  The report shows the vendor number and name, the invoice number, due and payment date, the ageing as well as the discount amount and date.

Aged SUMMARY Trial Balance

  1. ACCOUNTS PAYABLE…à8. month end processing…à4.AGED SUMMARY TRIAL BALANCE

Accounts Payable Month End Update

  1. ACCOUNTS PAYABLE…à8. month end processing…à5. ACCOUNTS PAYABALE MONTH END

The last step in the Accounts Payable Month End process is to advance the GL period, which is done by selecting this function once.  If you are in doubt whether this has been run, check the financial period field in 9. SYSTEM UTILITIES à 3. SYSTEM SETUP à 2. Accounts payable à 1. SYSTEM PARAMETERS