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AMS Public Documentation

Supported Devices

Counterpoint Cloud Platform Introduction and Getting Started

Supported Devices Officially, Counterpoint Cloud Platform supports any device that meets the following criteria: Is running the latest version of one of the following browsers:       Mozilla Firefox       Google Chrome       Microsoft Edge       Go...

Adding and Maintaining Users

Counterpoint Cloud Platform Registration and Users

Registering a new user Sending invite email Registering a new user is done via an invite based method which can be initiated by any Counterpoint Cloud Platform admin user within your company.  Sending the invite can be done by going to the CP2 Manager tab i...

FlightDeck Tiles

The FlightDeck Dashboard breaks down your sales into 6 metrics, which are filterable based on total sales, online sales, or in-store sales. Note that the Net Sales value may be effected by online orders that were returned in store - currently there is no way...

Sales By Filter

The Past Month Sales By Filter graphs give you a quick visual representation of the breakdown of your sales so far this month, compared to this day of last month.   By Category Filtering by category gives you a breakdown of your sales per category associate...

Salesrep Goal

The Salesrep Goal offers a quick glance at your progress towards your primary goal. For a more detailed description, check out the chapter on Goals. The FlightDeck Dashboard offers a quick visual representation of your progress towards a monthly goal, or an ...

Sales By Day

MTD Sales By Day shows all of your sales to date this month, on a daily basis. Each node on the graph represents a day this month, allowing you to easily spot patterns and irregularities in your sales.

Top Customers

The Top Customers Chart shows your top 5 customers over the current period, based on total sales value.  In the event that one of these customers has a negative sales value, the graph will grow to the left, below the 0 value.   To display the exact value of...

Sales Summary By Filter

  This information has moved:

Tablets and Phones

Counterpoint Cloud Platform Introduction and Getting Started

  For the majority of Counterpoint Cloud Platform, your experience will be exactly the same as on your desktop computer. However, due to some of the features of these devices (touch input, smaller screen) there are a few differences between using the two devi...

Customer Lookup

Counterpoint Cloud Platform CounterCRM

Overview The Customer Lookup provides you with a sortable, searchable table of customers that you are the salesrep for. From this table, you can enter the CounterCRM module for any one customer at a time by clicking on their Customer Number. From within a cu...

Zulu Softphone


Documents on the functionality and usage of the Zulu Softphone from Sangoma. Original documentation is found at

Supporting Files/Information

Counterpoint Inventory

BILLING PARAMETERS Within your billing parameters is where a number of things are set up that cover how your system handles inventory maintenance. To access the billing parameters, you want to take menu path System Utilities > 3. System Setup > 4. Sa...


Counterpoint Inventory

INVENTORY vs PRICEBOOK ITEMS One of the most fundamental ideas within the inventory module of COUNTERPOINT is the idea of an inventory vs. pricebook item. In the system, there are two databases of items. The inventory items, which are accessible via the inve...

Item Maintenance

Counterpoint Inventory

PRODUCT MASTER MAINTENANCE Item maintenance can be accessed via menu path Inventory > 1. Data Maintenance > 1. Master Files > 1. Product Master In Order, the field definitions on this screen are: Category: Category under which this item is p...

Receiving Product

Counterpoint Inventory

The purchasing module, specifically the receiving portion, is how all items will be brought in to inventory. There are two main methods of bringing product in, those items on a purchase order, and those items NOT on a purchase order. Regardless, for proper tra...

Inventory Counts

Counterpoint Inventory

OPTIONAL COUNTERPOINT SETTINGS While there are many settings available within the Inventory Count Parameter screen, the following are those which allow you to tailor your count. Count variance threshold: This setting allows you to define a variance at whic...

Stock Adjustments

Counterpoint Inventory

For one-off changes to inventory, it is recommended that you use the Stock Adjustment routines. It is NOT recommended to use this option to do any type of inventory count, as the audit trail is not as verbose.   ADJUSTING INVENTORY VIA THE MENU In the Inven...

Transferring Parts

Counterpoint Inventory

Transferring single items The utilities used for transferring product at an item level from one number or category to another are found in the Inventory > 1. Data Maintenance > 5. Utilities menu Product/Part # Transfer 6. Inventory > 1. Data Maint...

Common Problems / Troubleshooting

Counterpoint Inventory

WRONG QUANTITY RECEIVED This could be the result of an incorrect pur qty being set on the item. ITEM NOT SHOWING ON SUGGESTED ORDER If this is a supplier based order, check that the supplier number is set on the item. If not, you can add a supplier en ma...

Set up a standing order How-To Guides

Log into using your credentials Add product to the autoecat scratchpad Anywhere you click the icon, the item(s) will be added to your scratchpad Alternatively, you can click the large STOCK ORDER button at the top of any screen...

standin orders

Release Notes


Collection of version changes made to JDispatch


Counterpoint Cloud Platform

Counterpoint Cloud Platform

Documentation for Counterpoint Cloud Platform



User Manuals & How-To Guides for COUNTERPOINT software

User Guides for

standing order


JDispatch User Documentation


Documentation of the use of AMS Unified Communications product, PBXact

Registration and Users

Counterpoint Cloud Platform

FlightDeck Dashboard (V1.2)

Introduction and Getting Started

Counterpoint Cloud Platform

Some generic documentation for using the Counterpoint Cloud Platform with different devices.


Counterpoint Cloud Platform



Complete inventory guide for COUNTERPOINT

Release Notes - Version 5


A listing of updates contained in COUNTERPOINT V5, their functionality and usage

Detailed Invoice Search

Release Notes - Version 6


Documentation on the features associated with Version 6



How-to guides for the COUNTERPOINT invoicing screen

Accounts Receivable


Counter Message

Counterpoint Cloud Platform

E-Cat Analysis

Counterpoint Cloud Platform

Resource Centre

Counterpoint Cloud Platform


Counterpoint Cloud Platform

Report Generator

Counterpoint Cloud Platform

CP2 Admin

Counterpoint Cloud Platform

Accounts Payable


Manuals, Users Guides and Troubleshooting Guides for the COUNTERPOINT Accounts Payable Module

Accounts Payable

Steps to activate a user How-To Guides

Open a web browser and navigate to Click on the sponsor login logo Log in with your admin credentials In the first screen, you are presented with a number of options. Dealer Preferences will allow you to maintain any users currently set up fo...