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Question – I am told that a line is (or will be) changing from Jobber to Net pricing what do I need to do?

Answer – When a line changes its base price you need to make two changes on the price multipliers maintenance screen for all of the Price Discount Groups affected by the change.

1 – Open up each discount group and change field 40 Original to Price Level to reflect the new base price you will be receiving for this line (ie if a line that was jobber will now be receiving net price field 40 will need to be changed from price level 5 to price level 6)

2 -  On all lines where you changed field 40 change at least the first multiplier line to reflect where the new base price will be found.

So in that case of a line that was Jobber less 35%  but is now Net you will need to change the first multiplier line from;

Price 6 Becomes Price+ -35.00000%

To                                                     } - (Where 6 is Cost and 5 is Jobber)

Price 5 Becomes Price+   55.00000%  

If dollar value of your net price is the same as it was previously you will likely not need to change anything other than the first line since all other multipliers will typically build on the results of the first calculation. That said, review the other price level calculations to ensure that they remain valid in light of the new base level that you are receiving.


Question – I set up a new line in the system. Non Stock Prices show up properly, but stocking prices are all zeroes. What is causing this?

Answer – There are several things that can cause this. The most likely cuplrit is that you do not have a set of price multipliers set up for the Space Discount Group. Check this first.

If multipliers are present confirm that field  40 Original to Price Level is pointing to a base price level that will contain values other than zero in the price book.

Lastly if all of the above checks out correctly look at the items in Produce Master Maintenance – Change Mode. Specifically field 53 Discount Level. If it contains an “*” or a Discount Group code that does not exist you will need to correct this in order for the price multipliers to work.


Question – My Stocking Prices show up correctly but the Non Stock pricing is either non existant or all wrong. What should I look for?

Answer – The most likely culprit is the price multiplier set is looking at a wrong field as its base price. Use the following procedure to determine whats going on and how to fix it.

  1. Look up the sample part in the in the price book inquiry.  Note what is in field 6 Price Level  as this is the Product Discount Group that the system will use to determine the multiplier set to use.
  2. Go to the Multipliers Maintenance screen for the category in change mode. Enter as follows.
    1. Enter Space for the the stocking parameters discount group which will display the multiplier set for that discount group
    2. Hit F1 to accept the stocking multipliers as set up
    3. Answer N to copy stocked to non-stocked prompt.
    4. Answer N to the overwrite non-stocked? prompt.
    5. Answer Y to any change Non stocked?
    6. Cursor moves to Field 39 Discount Level – Enter the Discount Level identified in step 1 above.
    7. Review the displayed multipliers looking for the following
  3. An incorrect Original to Price Level in field 40
  4. Incorrect base price level being used in the multiplier specification lines.
  5. Incorrect multipliers set up in the field to the right of the “+” Sign.

When changes are completed accept the record and  exit the program.

NOTE - If when you enter the Discount Level identified in step one the screen will not accept it you will need to back out and re-enter the program in Add mode in order to add the level. The easiest way to do this is to add it into Stocked and copy it to Non stocked by responding Y to the make Non Stocked the same? question .

  1. Remember that changing the multipliers of and in itself will not change the pricing

      on stocked items. It will only result in changed pricing on Non-Stocked items since pricing on these is calculated on the fly as they are called up. When you change an existing set of Multipliers you will be asked Update Prices now? Responding Y will cause the program to update all Stocking items using the new multiplier set.

  1. There may be times when non stocked pricing will remain incorrect even after you have corrected the multipliers. When this happens try running the price file update manually as the previous set of multipliers may have clobbered the base price as the last update was run with incorrect multipliers.


Question – A price update has been processed but there are some stocked items that have incorrect pricing. – What might be causing this?

Answer – If this situation applies to only some of your stocking items the first thing to do is go into Product Master Maintenance in change mode, call up the item in question and look at what is entered in Field 53 – Discount Level. If this field points to a non existent or incorrect Discount Level correcting it and moving past the field will cause the pricing to be recalculated using the now correct multipliers. If the field contains an “*” it means that at some point in the past it was deemed appropriate to fix the pricing regardless of what new price changes come through the system. Replacing the “*” with the correct price level releases the item to recalculate prices as price changes come through.


Question – I changed the stocking multipliers on a line, but the prices have not changed. What’s wrong?

Answer –  If you did not enter Y to the Update Prices Now? prompt at the end of the price multiplier maintenance acceptance process the system will not act on the multipliers until the next time there is a price update.

If you want to have the prices recalculated immediately you will need to return to Price Multiplier maintenance in Change mode, Change the fifth decimal place on any one field by incrementing it by 1. (eg. 35.00000 to 35.00001) This will not materially change the pricing but will trigger the Update Prices Now? Prompt which if you answer Y will result in the system running the new calculations against all of the stocked items within the category. Alternately you could also call AMS and request that we resend the price file(s) for the category which can then be run immediately or left to process automatically overnight should you so desire.