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E-Cat Analysis Page


The ecat analysis page is a representation of browsing trends on as of the previous day.

MTD Summary

These are month to date sales and browsing totals from autoecat 

Online Invoices

A total number of invoices processed by your online clerk(s).

Online Sales

Total sales attributed to your online clerk(s)

Online GP%

Gross profit percentage of all month to date invoices done by your online clerk(s)

Active Users

Number of customers who accessed autoecat in the past month

F6 Lookups

Number of autoecat lookups started via the F6 shortcut in the Counterpoint invoice screen

Remote Lookups

Number of autoecat lookups done by your remote users

Top Web Customers

This is a graph representation of the customers who processed the most dollars in online sales, using your online clerk(s) to determine sales dollars

Top Web ACA Category

This is a graph representation of the top sales by product type. This calculation is based off of sales processed by your online clerk(s), and then comparing the parts sold to the part classifications within

Lookups Analysis

This is an interactive set of graphs that will enable you to drill down to see browsing trends for specific year/make/model of vehicles. These figures default to a MTD view, but can optionally be set to YTD.

All three graphs are interactive and, as you click each graph, the other graphs in the panel will update to use your selection to drill down.

Lost Sale Listing

This is a complete listing of moth to date lost sales.