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Beta V1.3.0

CP2 Manager Module

    1. Allows administrators to 'invite' new users vs. the old registration method.
    2. CP Manager is also a new user permissions module that allows a company admin to create users and assign permissions to a user. This allows you to limit what modules and/or branches a user has access to. You are also able to create 'Manager' users. These users will be able to invite additional users who will be limited in their permissions based on the manager who invited them.

Additional metrics introduced on the FlightDeck sales dashboard.

    1. New Cumulative Sales graph.

Additional Custom CPMailer report.

    1. Now sales staff can elect to get their customer alert report on a weekly basis. Sent on Monday mornings.

Additional Prebuilt Reports

    1. Detailed Sales History - Shows a table of the last 6 months sales & GP% by category, indicating where sales were up or down. Information is presented in a table which features the 1 click export to CSV/Excel/PDF
    2. Detailed Inventory History - Shows a table of the last 6 months inventory value, by category indicating inventory value and difference from month to month.