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Admin Alert

An admin alert is a message that is displayed to all salesreps on their landing page after they log in. This allows one way communication between you and all of the salesreps you have on staff that they'll be greeted with when they log in.

As you edit the alert message ,the alert on the screen should update in real time, displaying exactly how the message will display when your salesreps see it. There are 4 different styles of alerts available, for varying levels of severity.

Additionally, once you are ready to save your message, there are 2 different buttons which will do so:

  • Update Quietly - this saves the update, and requires salesreps to go back to their home page to check for a new message.
  • Update With Alert - this saves the update, and generates a system alert for each salesrep notifying them that a new admin alert has been posted, lasting for 12 hours.