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Beta V1.2.0

The following is a list of the feature changes from Beta V1.2.0:

FlightDeck Dashboard

Updates to the FlightDeck Dashboard tiles, adding a breakout for online sales and moving the tiles into a tabbed panel.


Added the GP% at the end of customer and clerk names in the Top Customers by Sales and Top Clerks by Sales graphs.

Added a second "Sales By Day" chart, totaling the cumulative sales over the period.


Inventory Dashboard

Added a new page onder the FlightDeck module for Inventory analytics. This includes some base metrics such as total inventory values by branch and category, top categories by value, old stock value, old stock by category, and turns. These metrics also follow the same conventions as the Flightdeck sales dashboard wherein the user can filter by branch, or group of branches. If they have already made a filter selection within the sales dashboard, that selection follows to this page.




Minor visual changes to create an obvious vertical break between the goals.

Also added in the target value as of today to the graph so that the gauge shows a relative point where the user should expect to be based on how far along you are in a month. This is shown as a floating number above the arc of the graph.



System now remembers the last customer you selected. Before, once you left the CounterCRM you would have to re-select the customer if going back in. Now, you have the option to go back to any of the CounterCRM pages with that same customer or go to the customer selection screen.


Also added in a yearly sales graph by month and properly sequenced it to be reverse chronological.


Weekly Alerts

Same as the monthly sales alert reports (Sales down X percent, or 30/60/90 beyond a threshold), but can be sent on a weekly basis. Toggled independently of the monthly sales alert reports.


Report Generator

Added in the remaining fields from our import data, as well as things like first sale, last sale, average cost.

For reports generated and saved after the update, you will have the option to return to the edit menu with the report's options filled out from the saved reports list.


Prebuilt Reports

Historic Sales Report - Historic sales report, but month, for the past 3 years showing Sales and GP%. Able to be filtered by branch or group

Historic Inventory Report - Historic inventory report, for the past 3 years showing inventory value by month. Also able to be filtered by branch or group. Also includes line graph for visual representation.

This data is collected independent of Counterpoint. If you would like your historical data loaded in, please contact support to discuss options.


Next Release

The next release is expected to being the ability to grant users permissions to different pages and branches, as well as change the method by which new members register. If you have thoughts or opinions on how you would like to see this implemented, contact support.