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Call Log

The Call Log page displays all recorded calls between your phone system and the phone number associated with the customer when your integration with a COUNTERPOINT Unified Communications platform is enabled.

Each entry in the call log includes the phone numbers involved, the duration, the disposition, and the date. Optionally, if you chose to include extended storage for call logs in your COUNTERPOINT Unified Communications platform a link to recording of the call will be available.

Note that in certain conditions, it is possible for a lengthy call to have a disposition of "MISSED". This usually occurs when a transfer is involved (to a parking spot, or otherwise) and the customer hangs up. Unfortunately all "MISSED" calls are assigned a talk time of "0 Seconds", which is misleading.

The "Call Log" panel can be accessed from either the CounterCRM module, or through QuickDial.

If you believe there is an issue with your Phone System, it may be better to contact AMS with your question for assistance with looking into your phone logs.