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Zulu Chat

Joining a Chat

  • At the bottom of your Zulu Client is a list of all the Chat Rooms you are currently a member of

  • You can click on the 

     to search for rooms to join

  • You will now be shown a list of Chat Rooms that you are allowed to join

  • Click the Join button to become a member of that room.

Chatting with users inside a chat room

  • Within a Chat Room that you are a member of you can chat with everyone inside the room and see a full history of the interactions of the room.

Viewing Members

  • To view all the member of the room who are currently logged in you can press the Room Info button on the top right of your Zulu Client when inside a Chat Room

  • From here you will see a list on the left of all the members of the Chat Room who are currently logged in.

Leaving a Chat Room

  • From within the Chat Room you can click on the Exit button at the top right of your Zulu Client to leave the Chat Room

Getting the Attention of a User (Notifications and Mentions)

  • Zulu chat uses the concept of Mentions.  A mention is away of getting the attention of a user within a chat room and that user receiving a notification of the chat room.
  • Inside the chat room you would type in a message such as  "@dhardy you around for a call" to send a notification to user dhardy.

  • The user will get a notification that they were mentioned inside the chat room and if they are not a member of the chat room it will notify them of the message and ask them to join the room at the same time.

Creating a New Chat Room

  • Inside Zulu you can chat with other contacts on your PBX and also create Chat Rooms that users can join and take part of group conversations.
  • To create a Chat Room from your Zulu Client click on the Rooms 

     sign Section at the bottom of your zulu client

  • Provide a Room Name and Description and press the Create Room button

  • You will now see the room has been added to the list of Rooms on your Zulu client and other users can now join the room.

  • For more information on how to send a notification to users to join the room see this wiki