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System Recordings

Assigning recordings to different scenarios (After Hours, Busy Queue, etc.) is done by your AMS PBX Admin. Once assignment is done, feature code recording can be done for ongoing update.

You can record system based messages on your phone via a feature code. These codes are assigned by your AMS PBX Admin and can be provided to you.

Using the feature code.

When keying in the feature code, you will initially hear the current recording, followed by 4 options:

1. To listen to the recording again

2. To accept a recording

*. To record a new recording

3. To change prompt language

Recording a new message

Once you press *, you will hear a beep. Press # once you are done recording. You will then be given the same 4 options as before. Pressing 2 will keep the recording, and pressing * will bring you back to the recording option.

Until you accept a recording, no changes will take effect.