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Sending Faxes


Sending faxes from the UCP allows you to send a fax directly from your desktop. In order to do this, the image or document you wish to fax should be saved as a .pdf on your desktop

Sending a Fax

How To Send a Fax

Create one or more PDF or TIFF files on your computer. Multiple pages and/or multiple documents are acceptable and will be merged to create one fax (but not one fax document, each document uploaded with be one page or more)

To send a fax click the Send Fax button in the Fax widget:

Basic options include Destination, whether to use a Coversheet, and the Document(s). (If you enable the coversheet, additional options will appear.)


Enter the fax number of the recipient.


This is Off by default. Click the switch to toggle the on/off setting.

If the switch is set to On, additional fields appear:

The information you enter will appear on the cover sheet.

  • Recipient Name: The name of the person you are sending the fax to.
  • Message: A short message to include in the cover sheet.
  • My Name: The sender's name is pulled from User Management settings, but you can override it here.
  • My Telephone: The sender's phone number is pulled from the User Management settings, but you can override it here.
  • My Email: The sender's e-mail address is pulled from the User Management settings, but you can override it here.


Documents must be in PDF or TIFF format.

A single fax can contain one or more documents. There are two ways to upload documents to be included in your fax:

  • Click the Upload Document button to select a file from your computer,
  • OR drag and drop files from your computer to the Drag New Documents Here area.

The uploaded file(s) will appear in a list:

  • To view a file, click the button.
    To remove a file from the list, click the  button.


When ready to send the fax, click the Send button.

Once send has been clicked the Fax interface will send you directly to the Outgoing folder.

When a fax has been sent successfully, it will be moved to the Sent folder. If it fails to send and all retry attempts have been exhausted, it will be moved to the Failed folder.