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Using the UCP


The PBXact User Control Panel (ucp) is a dashboard that allows you to take advantage of mor eof the system functionality via your desktop browser. 

This includes things like listening to voicemail, sending faxes and even modifying the buttons on your phone (although, this may be undone with global template changes).

Each user's UCP can be tailored to fit the needs of each person. The dashboard utilizes 'widgets' to allow a user to pick and choose which functions they wish to use.

Accessing the UCP

To access the UCP, your AMS support team will need to provide you with the URL and user credentials that you will need to use.

Once you have that information, you can browse to the provided URL and use the credentials to log in


Once you first log into the UCP, you will be provided with a 'walk-thru' to help explain some of the dashboard functionality