** COUNTERPOINT® Version 6+ Release Overview


The upcoming release of COUNTERPOINT will consolidate for the first time in several years a number of features that have not been considered mainstream, meaning only certain customers got certain features based on their requests. This was a strategic mistake as in many cases this has held AMS back from being more aggressive in the software development cycle. Starting in June of this year we intend releasing Version 6+ that will move all customers to the same version, making support, training and new development rollout easier and allow for more frequent updates, which is why we plan to move to a quarterly software release update schedule. Bugs will be released as completed. The listing below may well contain features you already have and use but also others you may not be aware of or have forgotten are available. All active links will take you to a more detailed overview of the specific enhancements.

The next release, COUNTERPOINT/x Version 7.1.1 will be rolled out by year ending 2022. All of us at AMS are excited by this plan, we hope you are also. We encourage you, once settled into Version 6+ to submit to us any functionality you would like to see added or changed for consideration in a future release.

Functionality & Highlights


Enhancements to JDISPATCH:

Web order (autoecat.com) related Changes

Customer Specific Changes

Inventory Control Changes

Repair Shop Module

Purchasing / Receiving

Sales Analysis

Accounts Receivable

Accounts Payable

General Ledger

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