Bump All Price levels


1. You will want to update the pricing on all items. This can be done via the following menu path:

6. Inventory > 4. Pricing > 5. On-Line Price Changes > 3. All Categories - By %age

In this screen, you will want to enter in the 3% increase against all price levels. Similar to this:


This is assuming you aren't updating your cost. Once you've entered the last set of price level info, F1 will bring you to the 'any change' message and another F1 will begin the process.

2. The next step will be to set the pricing parameters so that your next wave of price updates won't revert back to old pricing matrices. This is accomplished via the following menu path:

6. Inventory > 4. Pricing > 1. Data Maintenance > 4. Reset Multipliers By %

In This screen you can opt to modify Stocked item parameters, Non-Stocked parameters or both. In this case, I assume that you would be bumping the sell prices on both, so the screen would look like this:


Again, assuming you are only applying this to sell prices, not cost.

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