Branch Stock Inquiry


The Branch Stock Inquiry has been updated to allow the creation of a Stock Transfer to source product from another location. This program is designed to be a multi- purpose tool to view stock in all locations, if multi branch, as well as initiated a TRANSFER between any of the locations, not just the home branch of the user.


Branch Stock Inquiry

When in the branch stock inquiry screen either from the menu option, Sales Desk à Inventory Queries à Branch Stock, or from the Invoice screen using Shift F4 in the body of the invoice




The program will maintain a Scratchpad of transfer requests that have not been actioned, based on the User Login ID. This allows the option for the user to leave the program without the loss of any work they might want to action at a later time. If the scratchpad is not empty the user will be reminded each time they enter the program that they have un-actioned requests pending. If the user elects not to delete the scratchpad the program will take them to the Category Field where they can lookup other product.


From the Category Field the user can view the contents by pressing the F11 key. To return to the Category Field press the ENTER key with the “Q” showing in the action field.

If there are several transfer requests in the SCRATCHPAD the program will sort them by the FROM/TO sequence.

SCRATCHPAD Maintenance

To change the content of any request enter the line # which will position the cursor in the Qty Field. After the Qty is entered, simply pressing ENTER will retain the original Qty, the cursor will move to the comment line for the part number in question. This can also be changed or the F1 key can be pressed to return the cursor to the action field. The change is automatically saved.

Leaving the SCRATCHPAD

To leave the program use the ESC or F2 key from the Category Field. If there are any entries in the SCRATCHPAD the program will ask if the transfers are to be created. The Default is (Y)es but this can be changed to (N)o. A second question will be asked if the transfers were not created about whether or not the entries are to be kept or deleted. The default is (N)o. 

If the transfers are created the system will provide the document number for each transfer before leaving the program.

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